Thursday, August 18, 2016

Samples of Past Work

I currently have a few lives that I live in parallel to one another: Individual artist (explore this blog for older work & thoughts-in-progress or visit my portfolio site), college professor, non-profit organizer of Harvester Arts, mom, NPR addict--just to name the primary few. My work with Harvester Arts since its launch in 2014 has increasingly led me from the classroom back into the community which has left me feeling reflective. Here are some examples of the work I've done in the past eight years.

Prior to moving to Wichita six years ago, my husband and I ran a digitally nomadic marketing and production company, CreativeRHINO. Working as such a small and intimate team meant wearing multiple hats which for me included Creative Director, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, and Event Planner. We worked on a wide range of projects with clients from large to small. For our largest client, easyhome, we devised and developed their national social media marketing campaign in 2009 which evolved into integrating social media with grand opening coordination and event planning for new stores across the country.

See a clip of our Grand Opening work here.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have had the pleasure of working on a much smaller scale including brand identity consulting and advertising materials with intimate family businesses such as “Next Summer,” a local retail shop based in Bolton Landing, NY. I worked with a Wichita-based Little League team “The Wichita Naturals” on logo design; and from 2008-2014 all point of sale and visual vocabulary for the Lake George Theater Lab.
Ad for Next Summer's signature cookie line & event launch.
Wichita Naturals Full Text

Wichita Naturals Stitching Mock-Up

Lake George Theater Lab 2012

Lake George Theater Lab 2013

My official title at Harvester Arts, a non-profit arts organization in Old Town, is Founder and CEO which is a formal way of saying “professional multitasker.” In an all-volunteer organization, this means a spectrum of duties from public speaking, tracking expenses and managing budgets, grant writing, to mopping the floor.
Introducing Resident Christine Wong Yap, April 2015.

2015 Artist in Residence Wayne White worked with over 80 volunteers to create 4 large-scale puppets and a herd of blue steers for the Sundown Parade.
2016 Riverfest Artist in Residence Rachel B. Hayes completed 5 SunSail structures installed on the lawn in front of the Hyatt and created undulating layers of color for the Sundown Parade.
Txtual Healing by Paul Notzold uses projection, texting, crowd sourcing and typically lots of laughter to the streets (and walls) of Wichita in November

Harvester Arts has two resident artists coming up in the fall, James Trotter and Paul Notzold! Also watch for a fresh look on the Harvester building in October as well... details to come! We have quite a few large projects on the horizon that we are very excited about. Thank you, as always, for your support.