Monday, June 15, 2009

notes on painting

I am interested in the process of “making sense” of an experience. I use painting as an activity and forum to examine how we can be active, accepting, and thoughtful in an experience. For example, how do we understand a bright yellow bleed on raw canvas with a dark thin mark slicing through it? What do we make of it and how might this perception change tomorrow or even with the next glance?




Painting is a site for non-verbal experience. Painting is like a zen koan—a riddle for contemplation, not solving—that exists in material form.




I am not interested in pictures. There are too many representations in our society. I am interested in beings. Paintings are a way to be continuously suspended in a state of not-knowing and discovery. Each time I encounter a painting, it baffles me just a bit. Paintngs are an ontological question, not a site for answers. This uncertainty is exciting. I attempt to cultivate uncertainty in each painting so as to keep the paintings and my reaction to them just slightly out of reach. My response to this is to be engaged in each moment and trust my gut sensory reactions.


Art is an exchange of ideas. Some ideas may be expressed with words, some with color, some with texture, etc. Ideas can also be experiences, not just messages. When art has the power to be something—not just be about something—it can change the way we see/feel/think/view the rest of the world. 

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

fundraiser chair

I am participating in the "Chrissy's Chairs" fundraiser in Bolton Landing this summer. Local artists were asked to paint adirondack chairs which will be on display all summer & then auctioned off in August. All proceeds will be donated to High Peaks Hospice.

My chair is called "April around 5:30" & is painted to look like shadows of budding trees are cast on it... very subtle and thus hard to photograph, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.The chairs are currently on display at Sweet Pea Farms but soon mine will be moving to next summer for display until the auction. Stop by and visit it! For anyone in the area, stay tuned to Sweet Pea Farms & Chrissy's Chairs for more info about the auction & other events!

Monday, June 01, 2009

caution is boring

I have to keep reminding myself that when I get too precious, too cautious with my paintings it really shows & they feel stiff & dead. Because I slow down the intuitive process so much & work on them so sporadically over months & months I have to be sure they don't their edge, playfulness & heartiness. 

That said, here are some new photos (of equally appalling quality no doubt)

still no names, but I have also started making stack paintings (an homage to the wonderfulLeah Rosenberg? maybe...) and a book painting (unfinished)